Fitter is a framework and a set of tools for the .NET Framework that enables software developers to better meet the needs of their customers and enables customers to more effectively communicate their needs to software developers.

Fitter is based on the Framework for Integrated Test, or “Fit”, invented by Ward Cunningham in 2002. Many of the concepts described in the articles on the Fit Wiki apply equally well to Fitter.

Despite being based on the same conceptual foundation as Fit, Fitter shares no source code with the original Fit project or any of its successors. Fitter is a completely new implementation designed specifically to take advantage of the .NET Framework.

The Fitter source code is released under a very liberal, open source license. You’re free to use it for free, open source, or commercial projects. The code that you test with Fitter and the code that you write to integrate with Fitter are under no requirement to be licensed in any particular way.

If you’re new to both Fit and Fitter, you should read the Introduction To Fit on the on the Fit Wiki. After that, you should read the Fitter tutorial.

The source code for Fitter can be found on the Fitter project page at SourceForge.